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We harness the art of storytelling and design thinking to shape the brands of the future, focusing on creating something distinctively different.

Because in our world, different is better than better – always.

We’re a hub of creativity and passion, dedicated to leaving a positive mark on the world through innovative design thinking, human-centric tranformation, compelling storytelling, and boundless creativity/innovation.

Our journey began with a singular vision: to collaborate with partners who are not only seeking to grow their businesses but are also committed to making a meaningful impact.

We embrace projects across the spectrum, from budding startups to established global brands, and are constantly excited to connect with new partners who resonate with our core values.

Our small team size belies our big heart and unwavering commitment to crafting distinct, impactful brands that stand out not just for being better, but for being authentically different.


Our unique process is designed to uncover, create, and launch your project’s true essence into the market.
Through our three-phased approach – Discover, Develop, and Deploy – we delve deep into the heart of your project, craft innovative solutions that capture your unique narrative and execute with unparalleled precision and passion.


This initial phase is about gaining a deep and insightful understanding of the project at hand.

We engage in a comprehensive exploration
of the project’s core essence to uncover its characteristics and impact.


In this phase, we channel our creativity into formulating innovative and distinctive solutions.

This is where the magic happens the intersection of design and copywriting that brings the project’s essence to life.


The final stage of the process is about bringing the developed concept & strategy to fruition with exceptional execution.

We treat each project’s deployment as a unique masterpiece that creates an impact in the market.


Design Thinking is at the core of everything we do, we embrace this human-centered approach in our suite of services, ensuring that every solution we craft is not just innovative but also deeply empathetic to the needs of your audience.


In our studio, we’re not just crafting brands; we’re igniting transformative, remarkable change.

Our mission is to encapsulate
a company’s core identity, weaving a narrative that’s not only immersive and consistent but also a catalyst for remarkable change, resonating profoundly with audiences to build lasting, impactful relationships.

We craft narrative-driven videos that capture the heart of your brand’s story.

Our focus is on creating engaging, high-quality content that connects with viewers, elevating your brand’s message. We blend creativity with technical expertise to produce videos that are not only memorable but also deeply resonate with your audience.


We excel in crafting innovative, impactful marketing campaigns, by focusing on amplifying your brand’s unique voice through targeted strategies that resonate with your audience.

Our goal is to drive meaningful interaction and elevate your
market presence, while staying true to your brand’s identity and vision.


Our approach is tailored to project your brand’s unique personality, engaging with your audience through compelling content and strategic interactions.

We aim to build a vibrant online community, enhancing your brand’s visibility and lasting connections, all while maintaining the essence of your brand’s story and values.


We blend art and functionality in website design & development. Our focus is on creating visually striking, user-friendly websites that embody each brand’s unique identity.

We transform websites into engaging digital storytelling platforms, designed to captivate and inspire, ensuring a seamless and impactful online presence.


Our service is dedicated to creating seamless, conversion optimized funnels that guide your audience from awareness to action.

We blend strategic insight with
creative design to build pathways that not only attract but also retain and convert, ensuring each step aligns perfectly with your brand’s goals and narrative.


Our clients are at the forefront of innovation. We employ our unique ‘Discover, Develop, Deploy’ approach to transform your visions into impactful realities. Partner with us for a journey that redefines excellence and turns your aspirations into milestones of success.


Our unique process is designed to uncover, create, and launch your project’s true essence into the market.
Through our three-phased approach – Discover, Develop, and Deploy – we delve deep into the heart of your project, craft innovative solutions that capture your unique narrative and execute with unparalleled precision and passion.

Skillarabia Unveiling Event Preview

One of the biggest events we managed for 1200 attendees!
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Our pricing calculator provides a quick estimate to get you started, but your unique vision may entail specific needs that could adjust the final cost. The pricing here isn’t set in stone and will depend heavily on the final scope of your project.


Ready to Elevate
Your Brand?


At alt^ people, we embrace the philosophy that collective brilliance outshines solitary genius, fostering a team ethos where our united strengths embody the very essence of our company’s power.



Amadeus Awad

Founder/Creative Director

As a serial entrepreneur with a flair for innovation, I’ve laid the foundations of multiple ventures across the dynamic landscapes of marketing, edtech, and the luxury sector.

My passion for art knows no bounds, with a particular affinity for the complex harmonies and evocative soundscapes of progressive and post-rock music.

When I’m not in the throes of creation, you’ll find me behind the wheel of the latest supercars, enveloped in the rich aroma of fine cigars, or lost in the pages of a captivating book. And when the mood strikes, I express my creative side through the strings of my guitar, crafting melodies that resonate with my tastes.

Aghny Jreige

Brand Designer

Embarking on my professional journey as a designer, I’ve discovered my true passion lies in crafting identities and developing impactful branding strategies.

Beyond the realms of my career, I am defined by traits that seamlessly intertwine with my creative approach.

In essence, I embody a unique blend of fun-loving energy, unwavering patience, and a calm, responsible demeanor.

I approach life with a disciplined eye, reflected not only in my design work but in my daily choices, where ‘less is more’ is not just a design philosophy but a guiding principle. What sets me apart is not only my wild and imaginative mind but also my genuine niceness and caring nature. My personal mantras, ‘wild mind, disciplined eye’ and ‘less is more,’ serve as the compass guiding both my creative endeavors and the way I navigate the world, ensuring that every aspect of my life reflects the same commitment to excellence and impact.

Hussein Zayatt


A filmmaker with a deep passion for documenting and telling stories through my camera. My journey began when a group of friends and I decided to take on adventures together, leading me to study cinematography at university and take various online courses.

In addition to my filmmaking career, I find joy in traveling to different countries and exploring new cultures, as well as diving to clear my mind and discover unseen creatures. These experiences contribute to my personal growth, creativity, and positive thinking.

Guided by the belief that the world is built on emotions, I focus on portraying these emotions in my work to tell powerful and meaningful stories close to the human heart and mind. In my future filmmaking adventure, I aim to meet new people and build connections, recognizing the significance of collaboration.

On a personal level, my goal is to attain happiness and peace of mind, finding contentment in the accomplishments and experiences accumulated over the years.

hasan al baba

full stack developer

Success, for me, goes beyond hitting code milestones; it’s about creating digital experiences that leave a lasting impression. Outside the tech world, you’ll find me immersed in the challenges and rewards of camping and hiking. These aren’t just hobbies; they’re a lifestyle that demands meticulous planning, boundless energy, and strategic thinking.

The skills honed in the wilderness, where every decision impacts the journey, seamlessly translate to my career. Just as I navigate trails with purpose, I approach web development with a clear vision, ensuring that every project reaches new heights.

The adventure in the wild mirrors the thrill I find in pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in the digital landscape. My journey outdoors fuels my creativity, resilience, and strategic mindset, directly impacting my role in the company and shaping the unique perspective I bring to our digital endeavors.

Khaled Zakaria

Business Developer

As a business developer, my world revolves around solving problems and forging connections, which perfectly aligns with my personal passion. I’m deeply committed to innovation and building lasting relationships, both professionally and personally. This blend of skills and interests is key to finding creative solutions in my work.

Adventure and exploration are essential parts of who I am. I love discovering new places and cultures, as these experiences enrich my perspective and deepen my understanding of our diverse world. This curiosity not only fuels my personal life but also enhances my approach to business development, where understanding different viewpoints is crucial.

Meeting people from all walks of life is a joy and a significant aspect of my role. Each interaction offers unique insights and helps foster creativity. My story merges my professional path with my personal journey, forming a tapestry of experiences and relationships. It’s a life dedicated to growth, curiosity, and the pursuit of meaningful connections, both in the world of business and beyond.

Ayda Husseini

Project Manager

Hello, this is Ayda! I live to spread positive vibes and see smiles around me. My life’s mission is to care for others, ensuring everyone is happy and uplifted, whether through my work as a project manager or as a zumba instructor.

In my agency role, i believe in the power of a happy team to achieve great things, and I dedicate myself to making our working place a source of positivity and inspiration.

As a zumba instructor, I turn every class into a celebration of life and energy.

Here,my passion for dance and well-being creates a space where joy and community thrive.

My journey is about eating tasty food, creating lasting connections and spreading happiness whether in the office or the fitness studio, my aim is always to bring light and positivity believing that these are the keys to a fulfilling and impactful life.

Clara Bou Fadel

Executive Assistant

Step into my world, where chaos is a muse, dance is an expression, and design is a journey into the extraordinary.

Through laughter, movement, and a riot of colors, I invite you to experience the artistry of a happy spirit, chaotic soul.

A devoted lover of the beach, connection with nature extends beyond admiration, it is a profound relationships that fuels my creativity and instills a sense of tranquility.

Along side with my chaotic soul, I’m a very detail-oriented and organized professional adept at managing complex schedule, possess excellent communication and multitasking skills.

As an accomplished Executive Assistant, I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in providing comprehensive administrative support to high-profile executives. My role has been characterized by meticulous calendar management, intricate travel coordination, and adept handling of sensitive information.

My experience as an Executive Assistant reflects not only a mastery of administrative tasks but also a commitment to elevating the overall effectiveness of the executive suite.

Operating within fast-paced and dynamic environments, I have cultivated a reputation for discretion, professionalism, and the capacity to uphold a polished image.

Vanessa Chamy

Administrative Assistant

Hey there, I’m Vanessa, your friendly administrative assistant.

By day, I’m meticulously organizing the office and tasks, and by night, I transform into a devoted mom to three fabulous felines.

When I’m not in assistant mode, you’ll find me in the world of music, chasing the thrill of festivals, and exploring new destinations.