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Paradine Agency stands at the vanguard of the restaurant industry, not merely as a consultancy but as a harbinger of culinary evolution. With a mission to help restaurateurs from the inception of their dining concept to the launch and sustained growth of their enterprise, Paradine represents the fusion of gastronomic expertise and transformative business strategy.


The client wanted to develop a comprehensive brand identity, beginning with a name that embodies their ethos of innovation and leadership within the culinary consultancy arena. This identity should reflect their commitment to reinventing the restaurant narrative and be capable of supporting their vision across a multitude of marketing platforms.

The Agency requires a brand identity that not only captures its position as a vanguard in the culinary renaissance but also serves as a guiding light for the industry. The branding must articulate our commitment to change and serve as a hallmark of excellence and creativity in the restaurant consultancy landscape.


The Agency’s target audience is a diverse tapestry of culinary dreamers and pragmatic doers, encompassing aspiring restaurateurs seeking to turn their passion into profitable ventures, established restaurant owners aiming to rejuvenate and innovate within their businesses, food industry innovators constantly pushing culinary boundaries, and savvy investors scouting for promising and transformative opportunities in the food sector.

These varied groups are united by a common quest for innovation, growth, and transformation in the culinary world. Paradine’s brand, therefore, must be a beacon of creativity, expertise, and business acumen, offering a promise of partnership, mentorship, and the realization of culinary aspirations, whether it’s in launching a new concept, reinvigorating an existing establishment, or breaking ground with revolutionary food experiences.


Innovation + Excellence

Transformation + Imagination

Forward Thinking


The naming of Paradine Agency is a perfect example of how a thoughtful and creative approach can lead to a meaningful and impactful brand identity. Inspired by the client’s dedication to transforming the culinary landscape, your exploration into the concept of change led to the discovery of the term ‘Paradigm Shift.’ This term encapsulates the essence of significant, fundamental change – exactly what the agency aimed to represent in the restaurant industry.

The breakthrough came with the clever wordplay of ‘Para’ and ‘Dine.’ ‘Para,’ signifying change and shift, directly aligns with the agency’s mission to revolutionize dining experiences. ‘Dine,’ of course, is at the core of the agency’s focus – the act of dining itself. By merging these concepts, the name ‘Paradine’ was crafted, perfectly capturing the agency’s essence of ushering in a new era of dining experiences.

Paradine’ not only serves as a name but as a statement of the agency’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the food and beverage sector. It reflects the agency’s role as a catalyst for change, redefining how restaurants engage with their patrons and the overall culinary experience.


In the design exploration for Paradine Agency, we dove into the quintessential elements of dining—the table and the plate—which are central to the social experience of a meal. The stark red dot draws the eye, symbolizing a focal point amidst the communal setting. It could represent the shared epicenter of the dining experience, or perhaps the spark of innovation that Paradine brings to the table.

The dot, now placed centrally as if atop a table, is surrounded by figures that seem to represent people gathered for a meal. The idea to weave ‘Para Dine’ around the central dot cleverly uses the name itself to depict diners seated around a table, emphasizing the shared experience at the heart of the dining process. The design suggests a sense of motion and fluidity, as if ‘Para Dine’ dynamically encircles the dot, reinforcing the agency’s focus on change and innovation in the dining experience.







Shuttle Grey
Soft Amber
Orange Salmon


Amadeus Awad

Founder/Creative Director

As a serial entrepreneur with a flair for innovation, I’ve laid the foundations of multiple ventures across the dynamic landscapes of marketing, edtech, and the luxury sector.

My passion for art knows no bounds, with a particular affinity for the complex harmonies and evocative soundscapes of progressive and post-rock music.

When I’m not in the throes of creation, you’ll find me behind the wheel of the latest supercars, enveloped in the rich aroma of fine cigars, or lost in the pages of a captivating book. And when the mood strikes, I express my creative side through the strings of my guitar, crafting melodies that resonate with my tastes.

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Success, for me, goes beyond hitting code milestones; it’s about creating digital experiences that leave a lasting impression. Outside the tech world, you’ll find me immersed in the challenges and rewards of camping and hiking. These aren’t just hobbies; they’re a lifestyle that demands meticulous planning, boundless energy, and strategic thinking.

The skills honed in the wilderness, where every decision impacts the journey, seamlessly translate to my career. Just as I navigate trails with purpose, I approach web development with a clear vision, ensuring that every project reaches new heights.

The adventure in the wild mirrors the thrill I find in pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in the digital landscape. My journey outdoors fuels my creativity, resilience, and strategic mindset, directly impacting my role in the company and shaping the unique perspective I bring to our digital endeavors.