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Maison Tabbah, a renowned Lebanese jewelry house with an international presence, is celebrated for its extraordinary collections that evoke deep emotions and curiosity. The primary challenge was to introduce their new collection through a photography and videography campaign that not only communicates the emotions inherent in each jewelry piece but also ignites a strong desire among women, particularly younger demographics, to purchase these luxurious items. The photography needed to reflect both the opulence of Tabbah’s creations and an appealing simplicity to connect with a younger audience.


Discovering The Woman Of Tabbah

We embarked on a deep exploration of the Maison Tabbah’s identity, its clientele, and their interconnected stories. The initial step was a thorough analysis of “The Woman of Tabbah,” a concept previously defined by txhe brand. This archetype represented the essence of the brand’s female clientele but needed refreshing to resonate with a younger, dynamic audience.

As we delved into this persona, they uncovered a significant disconnect between the luxurious and sophisticated identity of the House of Tabbah and the aspirations of modern young women. The traditional image did not fully capture the contemporary woman’s adventurous, sensual, and multifaceted nature. To bridge this gap, we introduced a new archetype that held the original’s timeless elegance but with added layers of mystery, dynamism, and a bold spirit of adventure.

Introducing Nagib Tabbah: The Catalyst of Connection

The introduction of Nagib Tabbah into the campaign narrative was pivotal. As the artisan and face behind the brand’s creations, his role was to embody the passion and dedication of Maison Tabbah’s craftsmanship. However, Nagib was more than just a creator; he was an essential thread in the fabric of the evolving story.

By integrating him into the narrative, we sought to personify the brand’s heritage and artisanal authenticity, creating a personal bond between the creator, his creations, and the wearer.

Crafting the Love Triangle: A Story of Communication

This reconceptualization led to the creation of a love triangle, an allegorical representation of the relationship between the designer, the jewelry, and the Woman of Tabbah. This triangle was underpinned by the theme of communication:

  • The Designer’s Vision: Nagib Tabbah’s role in the triangle is that of a visionary. He creates not just jewelry but vessels for expression. His designs are conceived to communicate the innermost emotions, desires, and even the unspoken forbidden pleasures of the wearer. Each piece is a silent confession of the wearer’s narrative, imbued with the intent of the creator.

  • The Jewelry as the Medium: The crafted pieces stand at the center of the triangle, acting as the medium through which these silent communications are transmitted. They are the language created by the designer and spoken by the wearer. Every curve, line, and gemstone is a word in this unique language of luxury, designed to convey messages without a sound.

  • The Woman’s Expression: The New Woman of Tabbah adopts these creations as her voice. The jewelry she adorns becomes her mode of communication with the world around her. Through them, she expresses her multifaceted personality, her adventurous spirit, and her sensual identity. They are her means of connecting her inner world with her outer expression.


A carefully crafted video brought viewers into the intimate space of the creator, Nagib Tabbah. It portrayed his connection to the pieces he crafted, suggesting a deep, almost romantic dedication to his art. The surprising conclusion with Tabbah trying on a ring suggested a bond so profound that it transcended conventional boundaries, capturing the essence of the love triangle’s emotional core.


The campaign’s second video offered a tantalizing glimpse into the love triangle, focusing on a singular piece of jewelry. Close-ups against a black background created an atmosphere charged with anticipation and longing, as if the piece itself was an object of desire within this complex relationship.


The photo series was the cornerstone of the campaign, capturing the New Woman of Tabbah draped in sumptuous blue fabric—her identity a tantalizing enigma, with her face artfully concealed. The images portray her as adventurous and sensual yet busy, with the jewelry adorning her in a way that’s both enticing and elegant.

Within the folds of azure dreams, the Whisper Collection by Maison Tabbah becomes a silent conversation between desire and elegance. Here, luxury doesn’t shout but murmurs intimately, as seen in the delicate embrace of rose gold around slender wrists. This is jewelry that speaks to the soul without saying a word, designed for the woman who carries mystery as her essence and sophistication as her signature. The Whisper Collection invites you to communicate desire, not just wear it.

Captured in a moment of fervent grace, the Whisper Collection by Maison Tabbah is an ode to the passions that stir within. The jewelry, bold in its simplicity, wraps the wearer in an aura of elegance that whispers of untold stories. Each piece, like the ring gracing the finger, is a full moon illuminating a starlit sky, a beacon of the fire that burns within. This is not just an adornment, but a testament to the fiery whispers of the heart. The Whisper Collection doesn’t just accessorize; it communicates passion.

Where touch begins, the Whisper Collection by Maison Tabbah speaks volumes. It is in the softness of a glance, the quiet presence of beauty, and the gentle curve where elegance resides. This collection does not shout but breathes sensuality into the space between skin and gold. The featured piece, with its fluid lines and warm embrace, is a celebration of the contours of desire. It is jewelry that doesn’t just adorn but whispers tales of allure and sophistication to those who dare to listen. The Whisper Collection is an invitation to communicate sensuality in its purest form.


The launch was strategically structured to first introduce the designer, creating a personal connection and setting the tone of craftsmanship and quality. This was followed by the cinematic tease of the collection, stoking curiosity and desire. Finally, the photographic campaign with the New Woman of Tabbah was unveiled, solidifying the message and leaving a lasting impression of elegance and mystery.

Each element of the campaign was a thread in the larger tapestry of Maison Tabbah’s narrative, culminating in a powerful statement that redefined the brand and resonated deeply with its audience.



In the final phase of our festive campaign, we strategically directed traffic to our specially designed e-commerce website, crafted to enhance the Christmas shopping experience. This digital platform, tailored for the holiday season, elegantly unfolds the intricate details and captivating stories behind each exquisite piece.

Visitors are welcomed into a world where artistry and holiday enchantment intertwine. The website showcases a meticulously curated collection, reflecting our unwavering dedication to elegance and quality. More than just a showcase, it offers an effortless pathway for choosing and acquiring a piece of this cherished legacy. With its user-friendly interface and secure purchasing process, the website transforms holiday shopping into a delightful journey, adding to the splendor of a truly memorable Christmas.



The campaign culminated in resounding success, achieving significant milestones in brand awareness, engagement, and customer interaction. Firstly, we successfully raised substantial awareness about the campaign, capturing the attention of a wide audience through targeted messaging and compelling visuals.

This heightened visibility led to a surge in click-through rates, as intrigued visitors eagerly explored our products on the bespoke e-commerce website. The campaign’s impact extended beyond online engagement; it sparked a notable increase in phone inquiries and in-store visits from qualified leads. These enthusiastic responses not only showcased the campaign’s reach but also its effectiveness in engaging and converting interested audiences into potential customers.

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