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Maison Tabbah, a renowned Lebanese jewelry house with an international presence, is celebrated for its extraordinary collections that evoke deep emotions and curiosity. The primary challenge was to introduce their new collection through a photography and videography campaign that not only communicates the emotions inherent in each jewelry piece but also ignites a strong desire among women, particularly younger demographics, to purchase these luxurious items. The photography needed to reflect both the opulence of Tabbah’s creations and an appealing simplicity to connect with a younger audience.

Discovering The Woman Of Tabbah

We embarked on a deep exploration of the Maison Tabbah’s identity, its clientele, and their interconnected stories. The initial step was a thorough analysis of “The Woman of Tabbah,” a concept previously defined by txhe brand. This archetype represented the essence of the brand’s female clientele but needed refreshing to resonate with a younger, dynamic audience.

As we delved into this persona, they uncovered a significant disconnect between the luxurious and sophisticated identity of the House of Tabbah and the aspirations of modern young women. The traditional image did not fully capture the contemporary woman’s adventurous, sensual, and multifaceted nature. To bridge this gap, we introduced a new archetype that held the original’s timeless elegance but with added layers of mystery, dynamism, and a bold spirit of adventure.

Introducing Nagib Tabbah: The Catalyst of Connection

The introduction of Nagib Tabbah into the campaign narrative was pivotal. As the artisan and face behind the brand’s creations, his role was to embody the passion and dedication of Maison Tabbah’s craftsmanship. However, Nagib was more than just a creator; he was an essential thread in the fabric of the evolving story.

By integrating him into the narrative, we sought to personify the brand’s heritage and artisanal authenticity, creating a personal bond between the creator, his creations, and the wearer.

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Amadeus Awad

Founder/Creative Director

As a serial entrepreneur with a flair for innovation, I’ve laid the foundations of multiple ventures across the dynamic landscapes of marketing, edtech, and the luxury sector.

My passion for art knows no bounds, with a particular affinity for the complex harmonies and evocative soundscapes of progressive and post-rock music.

When I’m not in the throes of creation, you’ll find me behind the wheel of the latest supercars, enveloped in the rich aroma of fine cigars, or lost in the pages of a captivating book. And when the mood strikes, I express my creative side through the strings of my guitar, crafting melodies that resonate with my tastes.

hasan al baba

full stack developer

Success, for me, goes beyond hitting code milestones; it’s about creating digital experiences that leave a lasting impression. Outside the tech world, you’ll find me immersed in the challenges and rewards of camping and hiking. These aren’t just hobbies; they’re a lifestyle that demands meticulous planning, boundless energy, and strategic thinking.

The skills honed in the wilderness, where every decision impacts the journey, seamlessly translate to my career. Just as I navigate trails with purpose, I approach web development with a clear vision, ensuring that every project reaches new heights.

The adventure in the wild mirrors the thrill I find in pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in the digital landscape. My journey outdoors fuels my creativity, resilience, and strategic mindset, directly impacting my role in the company and shaping the unique perspective I bring to our digital endeavors.